Payment solutions to power your Small Business


Merchants services that allow for every payment type

We make it easy for you to get the payment technologies and support you need to run your business. Delivering a variety of payment types improves a customer's shopping experience and drives better relations.
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When you partner with Boise Merchant Services for your credit card processing, you'll be able to grow your business by seamlessly and securely accepting payments:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and AliPay

EMV chip cards

NFC payments like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay


Gift Cards

Private label credit cards like Synchrony and CareCredit

Credit Card Processing

Take Advantage of Wholesale Pricing

Thought only big businesses get the best rates because of their huge monthly volume?  Think again.  Interchange Pricing is the rate charged by the Banks who issue a credit card to your customer, and the Credit Card association - VISA, M/C, Discover.  It's the exact same for every merchant, large or small and is the bulk of the cost of credit card processing.  Interchange Plus adds a small markup for the Processor who provides services to the merchant.  

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Accept payments in-store, online, or mobile

When you partner with Boise Merchant Services, we take care of everything. We provide the latest credit card payment solutions so you can seamlessly accept payments anytime, anywhere.  We let you offer customers a great checkout experience everywhere - in your store, online, or mobile.   Customer satisfaction and loyalty is the result.  

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Tickets and Tabs

Open a ticket, run a card to start a tab, and close it out when the customer is ready. Perfect for bars and restaurants

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Offline Transactions

No internet? No problem. You can accept payments whether your internet connection is weak or even if you’re offline entirely

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Hold a customer’s balance until the transaction is clear. Ideal for hospitality merchants, event planners, and more.

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Virtual Terminal

Access to a free virtual terminal for safe and secure mail order/telephone order and online payment acceptance.

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Invoice Management

Get paid quicker with emailable and textable invoices.

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Hosted Checkout

Get set up to accept payments quickly and easily online without having to add to your existing website, while simultaneously reducing your compliance risk.
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Business tools (Employee, customer, and inventory management)

Increase efficiency and profitability with solutions like employee hiring tools, a full-featured time clock, barcode scanning, and more.
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Next-day funding

Take advantage of cut times as late as 12am ET plus earlier weekend and holiday settlement.
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Keep your cash flowing

Boise Merchant Services offers the kind of wholesale rates you thought only he big players got.  We a;sp pffer next-day funding with cut times as late as 12am EST, as well as weekend settlement and service agreements with no hidden fees.. That way, you'll always have cash on hand to pay vendors, purchase inventory, or grow your business.

Learn more about NAB's industry-leading credit card processing services.

Boise Merchant Solutions can deliver a true omnichannel payments platform that offers seamless integration across any channel and the very latest in enhanced, PCI-compliant payment security. Whether you're looking for a solution for your brick-and-mortar location, want a mobile credit card processing solution, or want to accept payments online, we have you covered.
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