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Getting paid has never been easier

Whether you're managing an apartment complex or collecting payments for a utility company ... Whether you're a contractor or you frequent farmer's markets … cash flow is of the utmost importance to you. Luckily, when you partner with NAB, we help keep your cash flowing with unrivaled merchant invoicing.
Boise Merchant Services Billing New Invoice

Create and send your invoices on the go from within our:

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Industry Leading App
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Secure Online Merchant Portal

Get paid promptly with emailable invoices that you can send instantly

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Filter invoices by paid, unpaid, or overdue
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Send reminders for overdue invoices
Boise Merchant Services Alert Bubble Payment Scheduled

Simple setup for recurring invoices

Our online invoicing tool even allows you to set up recurring invoices for monthly or subscription payments that allow you to choose:
The Start Date    >   The  End Date   >   When the Invoice should be Repeat
Once customers receive their invoice, they can quickly and easily pay them online on a secure payments page branded with your business information. Or, let customers pay their invoices using Apple Pay via any Touch ID-enabled device and their Safari web browser! It’s merchant billing, simplified.
Boise Merchant Services Auto Pay Enabled

Take Advantage of Recurring Billing with Autopay

You can even offer your customers the convenience of autopay, whereby their recurring invoices are paid automatically using the card you have on file for them! Merchant invoicing really doesn't get any easier than this.

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