Everything to Know about Credit Card Processing

Gain the Insights to Make an Informed Decision


Boise Merchant Services believes Knowledge is Power, and the best deal.

Yes, the world of Credit Card processing has a lot of moving parts, and it is easy to make it look complex and confusing.   A car has 1000's of moving parts, but for the driver, it all boils down to a few simple things when they sit in the driver's seat.  The same is true for credit card processing.

The purpose of our Knowledge Center is to put the small business owner in the driver's seat to make sure they get the absolute best deal, make the most informed decision possible, and to make sure they aren't diverted from that by the sales pitch of "simplicity."

Boise Merchant Services believes in absolute transparency that works to the advantage of you the business owner.  You'll see that the complexity is not that hard to understand and how simplicity in most cases works to the benefit of merchant services provider.